OpenAI Unveils ‘Sora’: A Game-Changing Text-to-Video Tool

Guide about the launch of Sora by OpenAI which is a game-changer in the creative arena

The Microsoft-backed artificial intelligence (AI) company, Open AI has unveiled its new tool Sora. The latest AI model “Sora” can instantly make videos out of text prompts.

According to the statement by OpenAI, Sora can create one-minute photorealistic videos based on the prompt provided to it. Sora can also create intricate scenes that feature multiple characters, motion patterns, and background elements.

Notably, Sora is accessible to several visual artists, filmmakers and designers so that they give feedback to develop the model for the use of creative professionals, as stated by OpenAI.

Sora can also create multiple shots within a single generated video that accurately persist characters and visual style, as stated by OpenAI.

The launch of Sora has widened and diversified the landscape of AI development in the creative arena.

Previously, Meta Platforms had enhanced its image generation model Emu to add AI features that can edit and generate videos using text prompts.

According to OpenAI, Sora has some shortcomings like confusion in the spatial details of a prompt and finds difficulty in following a particular camera trajectory. The tool will revolutionize the creative landscape.

The increase in competition between competitive companies in the field of generative AI has led to dynamic innovations and thus increases the chances of AI misutilization and the tremendous damage it can cause to mankind, if not used ethically and responsibly.

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