Apple and OpenAI Discuss iPhone AI Renewal

Apple-Joins-Forces-with-OpenAI-to-Spearhead-AI-InnovationsThis article explores the resumed discussions of Apple and OpenAI regarding the AI features addition to iPhone.


In the current world scenario, we all know that Open AI has taken the technology by storm by integrating AI in almost all our daily lives. From smartphones to all the other streams of life, we can witness the AI’s dominance in one way or the other and Apple is no exception. Having said that, let us have a look at how Apple and OpenAI collaborated again to add new GenAi features to the Apple iPhone.

Apple and OpenAI Collaboration:

On Friday, Bloomberg News reported that Apple Inc. has again gone to the negotiation table with OpenAI, the startup, seeking the inclusion of its generative AI technology as capabilities upgrade to be displayed on the iPhone, to be released in the business quarter.

According to insiders knowledgeable in the deal, the companies have started the process of negotiating plans for Apple’s next iOS operating system, version 18, which aims to incorporate OpenAI features.

The last words of Apple and OpenAI were yet alike to the requests made by Reuters to clear their doubts. According to Bloomberg, a month ago, the companies began discussions about Gemini licensed to Apple being integrated into iPhone functions for future phones.

As per Bloomberg’s sources Apple is yet to finally get into agreements and could be keeping the options open of signing up with either OpenAI and Alphabet Inc’s Google, or even looking forward to some other organizations.

Microsoft and Google have used the technology faster than Apple which provides natural answers to the textual prompts. However, Apple lags behind the two in this sector.

The Apple CEO, Tim Cook, stated through Twitter that the company is allocating considerable resources towards generative AI and in the course of this year it would unveil the interactions.


Apple is all set to get the top notch AI features that can set standards for everyone who is indulged in AI and who is interested in AI. In brief, Apple is planning to include the OpenAI generative AI technology in the new features iPhone will have. However, Apple has yet to make a concrete decision about which of these options to take; it could be the collaboration with both OpenAI and Google, or it could be selecting a different partner for this objective. However, it seems Apple’s CEO Tim Cook is taking it slow to join other big firms in harnessing the powers of generative AI but still affirms that Apple has made the biggest investments towards its implementation this year and will give the details about its operations later.

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