OpenAI Stock Price Analysis: Buy, Hold or Sell?

OpenAI stock price analysis today


OpenAI was rolled out in the year 2015 by Elon Musk, Greg Brockman, Ilya Sutskever, Sam Altman, and Wojciech Zaremba. In January 2023 it is seen that OpenAI has received a 10-billion-dollar investment from Microsoft. Also, there have been discussions of the possibility of an IPO in October 2023 with Bloomberg News. Open AI is Known as an artificial intelligence research company. The company aims to develop AI to have a long-lasting positive impact on humans. The CEO Sam Altman has claimed to figure out an Open AI valuation of $86 billion of employee shares. In 2021, the company raised $100 million for the Open AI Startup Fund. It was observed over eight funding rounds, Open AI has raised approximately $11.3 billion.

What are AI stocks?

AI stocks are shares of those companies that work in the artificial intelligence table. Due to many applications of AI, there are a large variety of AI stocks:

According to Haydar Haba, the founder of Andra Capital, “a venture capital firm that invests in AI companies, there are several publicly traded companies that have substantial AI interests and are poised to benefit from the growth of the industry.”

OpenAI Stocks that are performing tremendously

Let us have a look at OpenAI Stock Price on top OpenAI Stocks, that are doing well in the market. Below is the list of Companies that are booming.


NVIDIA Corp: NVIDIA has worked on 3D graphics for multimedia and gaming companies since 1993. Back in 2012, the company began creating AI based models. Today, NVIDIA continues to be at the forefront of AI, involved in developing software, chips and AI-related services.

2024 Performance rate: 183.01%

Today’s Analysis:03 April 2024

Stock Price: US$858.17

Change: + US$27.76 (A positive gain)

Percentage Change: +3.34% (relative to the previous trading day)

NVIDIA’s OpenAI stock price has increased by US$27.76 today, representing a percentage increase of 3.34% from the previous trading day.

Nvidia’s analyst rating consensus is a Strong Buy.


Procept BioRobotics develops medical robotics solutions for urology. The company provides 2 robotics systems, Aquablation therapy, which offers an alternative to surgery, and AquaBeam. This is a heat-free robotic therapy to treat symptoms due to benign prostatic hyperplasia.

2024 Performance rate: 88.12%

Today’s Analysis:03 April 2024

Stock Price: US$61.74

Change: + US$1.13

Percentage Change: +1.86% (relative to the previous trading day)

Procept Biorobotics Corp’s OpenAI stock price has increased by US$1.13 today, which represents a percentage increase of 1.86% compared to the previous trading day.

Research reports for a ‘Strong Buy’


Upstart Holdings Inc. (UPST): Upstart is an AI-building marketplace that connects users to banks and credit unions to help them find personal, and auto loans.

2024 Performance rate: 73.31%

Today’s Analysis:03 April 2024

Stock Price: US$23.51

Change: +US$0.64Percentage Change: +2.80%

Upstart Holdings’s (UPST) Moving Averages Convergence Divergence (MACD) indicator is -0.38, suggesting Upstart Holdings is a Sell.


SoundHound AI, Inc. is an AI Voice and speech recognition company founded in 2005. This company develops AI speech recognition, sound recognition, natural language understanding, and search technologies. Its featured products are a voice AI developer platform, SoundHound Chat AI, a voice-enabled digital assistant, and music recognition mobile app SoundHound.

Performance rate: 66.73%

Today’s Analysis:03 April 2024

Stock Price: US$4.49

Change: + US$0.080

Percentage Change: +1.81% (relative to the previous trading day)

OpenAI stock price of SoundHound AI Inc has gone up by US$0.080 today, which is a 1.81% increase from the price it closed at the previous trading day. This information is valuable for investors who are monitoring the performance of this company’s stock.

SoundHound AI stock has received a consensus rating of buy.

AI stocks are prone to fall into any of these categories ‘blue-chip technology companies that have invested in’ or ‘partnered with AI developers’, and small, Lab companies that are completely focusing on AI development. Shares of small AI developers are likely to see the most “direct” investments in AI, but Michael Brenner, a research analyst who covers AI for FBB Capital Partners, says they’re not necessarily the best AI investments.

“Large language models require a tremendous amount of data and a huge amount of capital to put together,” Brenner says.

Brenner notes that small companies may develop innovative new models on their own, but eventually, they have to partner with a bigger company that has more infrastructure in order to run those models at a commercial scale.

“So far, we’re sticking with more of the mega-cap tech companies,” Brenner says, referring to FBB Capital Partners’ AI portfolio.

How to Buy AI Stocks?

Whether you are looking to buy AI stocks or looking for how to sell AI stock, here are the steps you need to follow:

The first step is to open a brokerage account.

From there you have to decide what kind of AI stock exposure you want.

Individual AI stocks are capable of offering high returns, but require taking on a lot of risk, upfront expense and research work.

Another option is to invest in AI stocks via pooled exchange-traded funds that focus on AI.

What are AI ETFs?

AI ETFs, or Artificial Intelligence Exchange-Traded Funds, are investment funds that group together stocks from various companies involved in different parts of the artificial intelligence industry.

It is like buying not just one type of candy, chocolate, rather you get a variety of candies like gummies, lollipops, and sour candies. Similarly, instead of investing in just one company involved in AI, like Microsoft or Nvidia, AI ETFs let you invest in a bunch of different AI-related companies all at once. Because AI ETFs spread your investment across many companies, they’re generally considered less risky than putting all your money into just a few individual stocks. The companies included in AI ETFs can be big players in the tech world, like Microsoft, Alphabet (the parent company of Google), or Nvidia. These companies have been doing really well in recent years. However, how well an AI ETF does depends on how well the companies in it do. If the companies in the ETF do well, the ETF does well. But if some of those companies don’t perform so great, it can affect the overall performance of the ETF.


Hence, in this article, we have listed four OpenAI stock price analyses that are trending today. They are definitely at high profits. Reports recommend OpenAI Stock prices on NVDA, PRCT, and SOUN for a ‘BUY’ and UPST for a ‘Sell.’

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