OpenAI CEO Claims ChatGPT is Not a Well-Integrated Product Yet


OpenAI CEO Sam Altman claims ChatGPT is not a well-integrated product yet and is horrible

The CEO of OpenAI, Sam Altman, recently dubbed ChatGPT, the company’s artificial intelligence chatbot, a “terrible product” in a podcast interview. Altman spoke on ChatGPT’s general offering and present progress rather than its specific nature. Altman pointed up ChatGPT’s recurring error messages, too-straightforward design, and capacity difficulties as serious drawbacks.

Altman outlined the product’s significant shortcomings in a recent Hard Fork podcast by the New York Times. He stated: “A terrible product, ChatGPT. It wasn’t made to be utilized.” He said that the product has not yet been fully integrated.

When ChatGPT malfunctions, it frequently informs users that it is full or rejects their requests. He asserted that ChatGPT requires the user to go through a drawn-out process to complete tasks.

The recent integration of a fresh ChatGPT language model with Microsoft Bing was also discussed by Altman. He asserted that the inclusion of citations beneath a Bing search result will assist in addressing misleading information. Altman asserted that the new AI-powered Bing has greatly increased accuracy and usability compared to ChatGPT.

Greg Brockman, a second co-founder of OpenAI, has acknowledged that ChatGPT’s current iteration was only released as a last resort because of problems with beta testers internally.

ChatGPT has swiftly grown to have a sizable following despite its faults. It grew faster than Instagram and TikTok, reaching one million users a week after its introduction. Although ChatGPT’s technology is “interesting,” Altman recognized that it is still far from being a “fantastic, well-integrated solution.” But not all Bing users can get the newest version. They must first use their email IDs to sign up for a waiting list.

The ChatGPT bot, which debuted in November and has since gone viral, has upended the educational landscape and assisted students with their essays and tests. The bot can also write articles, lines of code, and cover letters for job applications. ChatGPT has received acclaim from Bill Gates, who claims it would “change our world”.

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