Meta Aims to Create AI Model That Outperforms OpenAI’s GPT-4


Meta is planning to train a new artificial intelligence (AI) model to create new code

According to The Wall Street Journal, Meta has been buying AI training chips and expanding data centers to produce a more potent new chatbot that it hopes will be as clever as OpenAI’s GPT-4. With CEO Mark Zuckerberg pushing for it to once again be free for businesses to construct AI products, the company reportedly aims to start training the new huge language model early in 2024.

The Journal writes that Meta has been increasing its infrastructure and purchasing additional Nvidia H100 AI-training processors so that it won’t have to use Microsoft’s Azure cloud platform to train the new chatbot this time. According to reports, the corporation put together a team to create the model earlier this year to hasten the development of AI capabilities that can mimic facial expressions.

The company last months unveiled its own AI tool, Code Llama, to create new code and fix human-written work. Text prompts can be used by the large language model (LLM) to produce and discuss code.

For publicly accessible LLMs on coding assignments, Code Llama is cutting-edge. It may speed up and streamline development workflows, as well as lower entry barriers for those beginning to code, according to a statement released by Meta.

Furthermore, the meta’s AI model will be able to continually learn and adapt in real-time Meta’s implementation of a strong reinforcement learning framework. By using this strategy, the AI will be able to develop its comprehension of language and user interactions, ultimately producing more precise and context-aware responses.

This goal seems to be a logical step after the speculative generative AI functionalities that Meta has supposedly been working on. Unrevealed AI “personas” are rumored to make their debut within the company’s offerings later this month, while in June, leaks suggested continued testing of an Instagram chatbot with 30 unique personalities. This indicates a strategic alignment towards increasing user experiences and enhancing AI-driven capabilities.

According to reports, Meta has had to cope with a lot of AI researcher turnover because of computational resources being divided among several LLM projects this year. Additionally, there is fierce competition in the field of generative AI. OpenAI declared in April that it would not train a GPT-5 and “won’t for some time,” but Apple is rumored to have been pouring millions of dollars every day into its own “Ajax” AI model, which it reportedly believes is superior to even GPT-4.

Google aims to employ generative AI in Google Assistant, and Microsoft and Google have also been increasing the usage of AI in their productivity tools. Additionally, Amazon is working on generative AI projects that could lead to an Alexa chatbot.

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