OpenAI’s Extremely Famous ChatGPT Scripted History in Just Two Months


The extremely famous OpenAI tool ChatGPT is making headlines across the tool.

Since it was discovered, the incredibly well-known AI tool ChatGPT, which is trained to follow directions and provide in-depth responses to queries posed, has been generating headlines. According to data provided by the World of Statistics, the chatbot knocked out well-known messaging services like WhatsApp and Twitter to achieve 100 million users in just two months. By becoming the consumer application with the quickest growth rate as a result, ChatGPT wrote history. Due to its numerous applications, which include everything from composing emails to answering exam questions, ChatGPT Created history and has since attracted national interest. This OpenAI invention has done wonders and the rise in ChatGPT is quite worthy.

Even though the AI service occasionally confidently offers incorrect information, some analysts and experts have suggested that because of its ability to summarise publicly accessible data, it may be a trustworthy alternative to Google search and a list of links that are provided by the search engine. As a human-like chatbot that responds to users based on what they input, ChatGPT has gained popularity since its launch.

With a dataset of 300 billion words and 175 billion parameters, the technology can respond to queries and generate answers. It will undoubtedly turn into a crucial instrument for expanding companies and increasing productivity.

With the most recent data and publications, we’ve dug deep into some of the most fascinating ChatGPT figures and facts for 2023. For a consumer application, ChatGPT holds the distinction of having the fastest-growing user base ever. Also, The Guardian reported that as of February 2023, ChatGPT had 100 million active users. This information has subsequently been widely published. This estimate of website visitors, which does not always correspond to the number of active users, is what makes the number misleading.

According to more recent statistics, the website saw an estimated 616 million visitors in the previous month. Currently, it is unclear how many users are logged in.

According to our best estimate, there are roughly 62 million of them (assuming 10% of website visitors sign up for the free service). Users of ChatGPT come from all over the world, with the United States accounting for the majority (about 15%). With about 7% of users residing in India, this country is estimated to have the second-highest percentage of users.

So, we are not shocked that the World’s favorite Chatbot has written history by amassing millions of users in just a few months of its launch. Undoubtedly, ChatGPT being one of the World’s most useful chatbots justifies its fan base.

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