Top Tech News: ChatGPT 5 Likely to Launch in Summer 2025

Top-Tech-News-ChatGPT-5-Likely-to-Launch-in-Summer-2025Discover ChatGPT 5 Predictions, launch date, and other useful Insights

Good morning, tech fam; here are some quick tech updates for you to catch on to!

What’s New Today: Apple is In the Process of Hiring 5 lakh People in India

Fast-Track Insights: Venezuela to increase cryptocurrency shift as oil sanctions return

OpenAI’s ChatGPT-5 is the next-generation AI model that is currently in development phase. It is expected to bring notable improvements and upgrades over the previous versions. ChatGPT-5 is scheduled to take up a wide range of tasks. These include engaging in conversations, rolling out insights, automating tasks, and featuring more parameters. It is also expected to have the potential for creating images simply by describing them. OpenAI ChatGPT 5 is scheduled to be released in the summer of 2025. This may also vary as it is still in the development phase. However, there are rumors spread with a release in mid-2024. Pricing is expected to follow a subscription-based model.

Apple has seen and faced the most significant challenges during the COVID-19 pandemic with its diversified manufacturing in China. Since then, India has become a massive target for Apple to set up its base and things, making iPhone makers move to set up a permanent base here. Apple is looking for skilled employees to build their power in the industry. According to PTI quoting government sources, Apple, via its vendors, may end up hiring over 500,000 people in India over the next three years. Hence, Apple is going to take up a considerable amount from the current numbers, which are about 1.5 lakh people in India. Apple is to raise its production over five times to around 3.32 lakh crore in the next 4-5 years, which is demanding a considerable workforce; hence, Apple is to employ 5 lakh people in India.

The branch of Artificial Intelligence is specialized in fields that have their unique approach. Explainable Artificial Intelligence (XAI) emphasizes making AI decisions transparent while the goal of Generative Artificial Intelligence (GAI) is creating original content. Here, this article explores the approaches of Explainable AI or Generative AI that led to AI development and its impact on the future of technology. Read more.

Venezuela’s state-run oil company PDVSA is preparing to increase its use of digital currencies for crude and fuel exports. The abstract of the reinstatement of oil sanctions by the U.S. government being the fuel provider has set a deadline of May 31 2024 for PDVSA’s customers for transactions under a general license that after renewing, primarily due to concerns over electoral reforms. This move by the U.S. government will create barriers for Venezuela in boosting its oil output and exports, as companies will now need individual adheres from the U.S. to engage in business with Venezuela. In response, PDVSA has been gradually transitioning its oil sales to USDT, a digital currency commonly known as Tether, which is restricted to the value of the U.S. dollar, focusing on maintaining a stable value. Hence, PDVSA’s shift towards digital currencies follows as re-establishing the oil sanctions, as it aims to reduce the risk of having sales frozen in foreign bank accounts due to these measures & parameters. Venezuelan Oil Minister Pedro Tellechea mentioned that the country has been exploring various currencies for transactions, with digital currencies being considered as a preferred payment method in certain contracts.

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