Instoried launches the ChatGPT for videos:


July 4, 2023: Instoried, the world’s first to launch AI-based content analysis has announced, the world’s first AI-based Video Generation and Analysis Tool. With Cathie, users can analyse existing videos and quickly generate videos using text prompts.

Cathie’s Video Generation tool lets users create quick videos based on text input. In a feature akin to ChatGPT, the tool automatically analyses the text input provided to create seamless high-quality videos based on the content. Cathie’s tool is ideal for Digital marketers, content creators, and educators in creating highly impactful short videos driven by narrative.

Cathie’s Video Analysis tool lets users automatically tag animals, people, objects, and brands in lengthy videos. The tool has several key benefits and uses in Surveillance, News, Broadcasting, Sports Broadcasting, Nature and Wildlife Filmography, etc., where users can quickly identify key moments and package them together within seconds.

Cathie uses cutting-edge technology that combines the power of artificial intelligence and video production to create stunning videos for businesses and individuals alike. The ChatGPT-like platform creates videos that are accessible and affordable. The platform unlocks the full potential of Zoom, Teams, and Webinar recordings by extracting short, branded video snippets that are perfect for sharing on social media.

Sharmin Ali, Founder, Instoried, said, “At Instoried we are always looking at creating next-gen tools that will help businesses and individuals put out more meaningful, impactful and emotionally intelligent content. We are happy to announce that Cathie is the world’s first Ai-based tool that enables video generation and analysis on the go. It has already started getting massive attention from all genres of users.”

85% of videos on social media are watched on mute. Cathie also adds captions to videos. Written scripts can be turned into sales videos in just minutes complete with stock footage, music and voiceovers. Videos can also be added to blogs to enable search engine rankings to soar.

As an example, a script like

“An astronaut is a person who travels to space to explore the vast universe beyond our planet Earth. Space is a mysterious and fascinating place that has always intrigued humans. It is a vast expanse of darkness that contains countless galaxies, stars, and planets. Earth is just one of the many planets in our solar system, and it is the only planet that we know of that supports life. The galaxy we live in is called the Milky Way, home to billions of stars and planets. Astronauts play a crucial role in exploring space and discovering new things about our universe. They help us understand the mysteries of space and the origins of our existence”. Results in a captioned video containing scenes of an Astronaut in space, planets and galaxy.

Instoried released its own version of ChatGPT in 2019. They partnered with 5 Ivy League universities in the USA and 2 of the top UK-based universities to help build backend data. It took over 20 months to acquire, clean, structure, and tag these data points to develop a library of over 70 million data points. When ChatGPT became a sensation last November, they knew something incredible was happening around the world and the Instoried team went on to create easy to use content tools to empower content creators.


Instoried helps enterprises and individuals create emotionally engaging content thereby improving ROI. Instoried is a deep-tech platform that analyzes and optimizes the emotional quotient, tonality, and relevance of written content across formats like blogs, articles, and social media posts. Instoried uses the principles of neuromarketing to offer smart recommendations to increase or decrease a particular emotion in the content. The platform helps content writers, in the SME category, e-commerce, FMCG, and other verticals to optimize emotions in their marketing content.

Instoried was founded in the year 2019 by Sharmin Ali. Sutanshu Raj later joined as the CTO. The company has raised $10M so far from investors including SOSV, Artesian Investments, Mumbai Angels, 9Unicorns, Venture Catalysts, Rockstud Capital, Jain Angel Network, London-based JPIN, and a US-based VC. In April 2022, they secured $200M as capital commitment from GEM New York.

Instoried has over 5 million users worldwide and its Content Generation service has over 500 companies as clients.

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