India’s First ChatGPT AI-Style Hanooman

Introducing Hanooman, India’s groundbreaking ChatGPT that is revolutionizing AI conversations

Hanooman, a suite of AI models known as the “Indian ChatGPT,” has been presented, marking a huge step forward in India’s AI scene. This breakthrough, which is specifically created for Indic languages, is an important step toward bridging the digital gap and empowering millions of Indians who connect with technology in their native tongues.

The Creation of Hanooman

The Indian Institute of Technology-Bombay (IIT-B) and Seetha Mahalakshmi Healthcare (SML) collaborated to create Hanooman, which is named after the famed Hindu god Hanuman. This in-house effort intends to solve the constraints of existing large language models (LLMs) created by global digital behemoths like Google. Hanooman’s concentration on Indic languages aims to democratize and make AI accessible to everybody.

Key Features of Hanooman

Indic Language Proficiency:

Hanooman knows 11 Indian languages, including Tamil and Hindi. Its capacity to communicate in several regional languages provides inclusion and relevancy for a varied range of Indian consumers.

Made in and for India:

Hanooman, which is backed by Reliance and directed by IIT Bombay, demonstrates a dedication to national growth. It draws on Bharatiya’s language and cultural history, linking technical innovation with the demands of the Indian people.

Multimodal Capabilities:

Hanooman has multimodal capabilities, meaning it can create voice as well as text. This multimodal approach expands its adaptability and applicability in a variety of applications.

Open Source:

The initial iteration of Hanooman will be an open-source paradigm that prioritizes openness and cooperation. As the project progresses, donations from the community will expand its capabilities.

Hanooman’s adventure has just started. As the idea develops traction, other states, including Tamil Nadu, Karnataka, and Telangana, have indicated an interest in working with it. The central government’s AI Mission, which intends to establish a sovereign 10,000 graphics processing unit (GPU) supercomputer, is expected to support ventures like Hanooman.

Empowering India Through AI

Hanooman represents the beneficent force that Lord Hanuman inspired. Its purpose is clear: to benefit the public by using the enormous power of generative AI. As the model evolves to include all 22 recognized Indian languages, it will benefit individuals, companies, and institutions across the country.

Finally, India’s first ChatGPT AI-style Hanooman marks a key milestone in the country’s AI model. Hanooman, with its extraordinary capabilities and unique approach, aims to transform the AI landscape, demonstrating India’s artificial intelligence competence and dedication to global technological growth.

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