ChatGPT Leads the Pack; The Best AI Chatbots of 2024

Discover the top AI chatbots in 2024

OpenAI’s ChatGPT software allows users to communicate with its GPT-3.5 and GPT-4 AI models. The application transfers the prompts you write to the AI model. In order to interpret the results in the manner of a conversational chatbot, this model processes the prompt through its algorithms and then sends the results back to the app.

The AI model handles the real interpretation of your input and the computations to produce an answer, while the app handles the features, such as storing your chat history.

CHATGPT: Its release in late 2022 sparked a global uprising in 2023 that reignited interest in artificial intelligence. It’s incredibly easy to use: write your prompt at the bottom of the screen to initiate a discussion. As soon as the output is returned, you may create a new item on the left-side menu so that you can keep all of your threads separate and come back to them later. You may share a link to any of them that you think are very fascinating and show them to other people.

CLAUDE: Meet Claude, who shot up to the second spot on this list. The comments are brief and the conversation flows naturally without the lengthy introductions and conclusions that ChatGPT often loves to utilize.

Its context window is rather long, which is great. This is the official term for the conversation memory included into chatbots, which aids in the bot’s ability to recall the subject of the discussion as well as previous queries you have made and the responses you have received. It is because of this feature that it is able to respond to inquiries such as “can you summarize everything we’ve talked about into a key takeaway?”

MICROSOFT BING: Microsoft increased its funding for OpenAI in the beginning of 2023 and began creating and integrating AI technologies into its products. Microsoft Bing was one of them, and it now has an AI chat function to help you with your web searches. Once you enter your query, it will search the internet for you, process the findings, and respond to you with links to the sources it used.

Although it can now display picture results in the chat window, it still struggles to understand the purpose of image searches, typically printing out an image gallery in place of a list of image links. Additionally, by clicking on any of the previous chats on the right, you may read them again.

In addition to search, Bing AI is now connected with OpenAI’s DALL·E 3, which means I can get my daily feed of AI-generated photos of golden retrievers. Declare that you would want to create a picture while in conversation, then answer the prompt. After it’s released, you may ask to regenerate with new instructions, but this doesn’t always function effectively.

GOOGLE BARD: Google has been a longtime participant in the AI race, having included a number of AI elements into its range of products. Google Bard gave up on the LaMDA model after a dramatic mistake during the initial product demonstration, and he is currently utilizing PaLM 2 to follow your instructions.

A major selling feature of Bard is its ability to connect to the internet and get information (it even has a convenient button that allows you to Google it yourself). Images from the search results may even appear in the chat window itself. In addition, you may make changes to your prompt after you’ve submitted it, and you can select from up to three versions of each output. You may share your talks with others and it can maintain a record of your past conversations.

What is particularly appreciated about the system is its seamless integration with the user’s Google account and various other Google services such as YouTube, Hotels, and Flights. The system is capable of conducting swift searches within its Gmail file repository upon request. It also possesses the ability to streamline and organize files within the user’s Google Drive. Additionally, the AI can assess current airfare and accommodation expenses while mapping out the user’s itinerary. In the process of planning a vacation, the system extends its functionality by generating a packing list for the user’s convenience.

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