Amazon-Backed Chatbot Beats ChatGPT, Gemini

Amazon-Backed-Chatbot-Beats-ChatGPT,-GeminAmazon-Backed Chatbot Beats ChatGPT and Gemini

San Francisco-based Anthropic, an OpenAI rival started by former leaders at the ChatGPT maker, backed by Amazon has announced its latest language model, Claude 3.

According to Anthropic, Claude 3 Opus beats ChatGPT-4 and Gemini Ultra in the knowledge test. Claude 3 Opus, a version of the language model scored 50.4% in graduate-level reasoning while ChatGPT-4 scored 35.7% in undergraduate knowledge, basic math skills, and other knowledge test.

The Claude 3 models have three versions. The models enable you to analyze photos, charts, or graphs. This makes it the first multimodal AI assistant offered by Anthropic with image-understanding capabilities.

Anthropic claims that Claude 3 is significantly faster as compared to its predecessors with the smallest Haiku version that can summarize research papers within seconds.

Notably Anthropic also says that Claude 3 does not refuse to answer prompts like its predecessors. This suggests that the AI model gives more context-aware responses. Daniela Amodei, Anthropic’s co-founder said that the predecessor of Claude3, Claude 2 would sometimes over-refuse prompts. The Claude 3 has a more nuanced understanding of prompts.

Daniela Amodei, Anthropic’s co-founder speaking about the importance of multimodal AI said that the world is multimodal and text and code always felt like incomplete modalities in it.

The different language models of Anthropic are available through the company’s API and website and in cloud platforms like Amazon Bedrock and Google Vertex AI.

Moreover, Anthropic’s primary cloud computing partner, Amazon said that it would invest up to US$4 billion in the company. Along with this, cloud provider, Google has also invested in Anthropic.

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