How to use ChatGPT in Arc Browser on MacOS

Arc Browser using ChatGPT to explain what Arc Browser is.

Arc Browser has become my default — at least on MacOS. (Hello, Browser Company: Please port this app to Linux.) Anyone who's already started using this browser knows that the company behind it is quick to release new features to keep up with — and, in some cases, surpass — the competition.

One such feature is ChatGPT integration. Unlike many other browsers that have incorporated their own take on AI, Arc Browser opts for an already-established AI. However, unlike other browsers, Arc's AI integration isn't quite as obvious. That's OK, however, because once you know how to use it, it's fairly straightforward.

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Let me show you how to use ChatGPT in Arc Browser.

First, a cautionary note: When using the Arc Max features (the AI-centric features on Arc Browser), the browser does send data to third parties. For example, when using Ask On Page, the partner is Anthropic. For all other features, the data goes to OpenAI. If you're not OK with that, I would not advise enabling Arc Max.

How to use ChatGPT in Arc Browser on MacOS

What you'll need: The only thing you'll need for this is an updated version of Arc Browser on MacOS (Arc Max is not yet available for Windows — or Linux (see above request). One thing to note: If you want to be able to save your ChatGPT chats, you'll need to sign into OpenAI on Arc Browser before you start using ChatGPT.

Accessing the Arc Max Settings pop-up is done through the command bar.

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If you only want to enable ChatGPT in Arc Browser, here's where you do it.

You now have access to ChatGPT queries.

You can now type your ChatGPT query, which will open a new Arc Browser tab with the response.

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No, it's not nearly as easy as, say, Opera's Aria AI solution, but Arc Browser does make using ChatGPT fairly easy. Hopefully, this feature will arrive on the Windows version soon (and, ahem, a Linux port?). If you're an Arc Browser user and a fan of AI, you'll enjoy this ChatGPT integration.

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