Getty Images launches its own ‘commercially safe’ AI image generator

Generative AI by Getty Images hero images

Getty Images is known for its robust library of stock images that news outlets, marketers, and other content creators leverage for their media content. Now, Getty is incorporating that robust library into its AI image generator.

On Monday, Getty Images unveiled Generative AI by Getty Images. This generative AI tool will generate images with content solely from Getty Images' vast creative library with full indemnification for commercial use, according to the release.

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The generated images will have Getty Images' standard royalty-free license, assuring customers that their content is fair to use without fearing legal repercussions.

Another major differentiator for the Getty Images generator is that contributors whose content was used to train the models will be compensated for their inclusion in the training set.

"We're excited to launch a tool that harnesses the power of generative AI to address our customers' commercial needs while respecting the intellectual property of creators," said Craig Peters, CEO at Getty Images.

The tool was trained by leveraging part of Nvidia Picasso, a foundry for custom generative AI for visual design, the Edify model architecture, according to the release.

Getty Images customers can now enable Generative AI by Getty Images on the Getty website by requesting a demo.

The tool's release follows Getty Images' recent lawsuit against Stability AI, the creator of Stable Diffusion, one of the most popular text-to-image foundational models, for using its images to train the models without Getty Images's permission.

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This tool addresses one of the challenging issues of AI-generated images, which is that models like DALL-E train their generators on content from the entirety of the internet, which means that aspects of creators' art are being used in new pieces without compensation.

Adobe tried addressing this issue, too, within its AI image generator, Adobe Firefly.

The Firefly model is trained on Adobe Stock Images and public domain content where the copyright has expired, and the contributors will receive royalty payments for any of their content used to train the commercial Firefly AI model.

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