Top Ten Most Exciting Robots Presented in the CES 2022 Event

Analytics Insight presents the top ten most exciting robots from the CES 2022 event

CES is the world’s most prominent technology event, and CES 2022 was nothing short of eventful this year with many new technologies and concepts announced. CES is a place where the world’s most well-known brands conduct business and meet new partners and the brightest innovators. The Consumer Technology Association (CTA) owns and produces CES, which showcases every facet of the technology industry. As last year’s event was held virtually due to the ever-growing rise of pandemic cases, this edition of CES is both held virtually and in person. Manufacturers, developers, and suppliers of consumer technology products, content, technology delivery systems, and more are featured at CES. Analytics Insight presents the top ten most exciting robots from the CES 2022 event.


Robotic Coffee Shop by Yummy Future

Yummy Future’s Robotic Coffee Shop is a barista and café all in one. The robot can make a cup of coffee in less than 30 seconds and requires only one to two hours of maintenance for 24-hours of operation. According to the company, a robotic coffee shop can help with the labor cost issues many coffee shops experience. It also cuts wait times as it can make coffee quickly.


Now, if you’ve been roaming on the internet for quite some time and have a passionate interest in robotics, you may have seen Ameca. This humanoid robot, which knows how to turn heads with its hyperrealistic facial expressions, was seen shaking hands at the Consumer Electronics Show this year. Ameca is certainly, smart, boasting artificial intelligence and cameras in each of its eyes that allow it to respond to your movements and track faces.

Samsung Bot I interactive robot

It moves like a living being and makes dynamic, life-like movements. When it’s near its user, it moves alongside them and offers different forms of support. When it’s away from the user, it manages various tasks for them using its telepresence function.

Samsung Bot Handy

The second robot that Samsung introduced at CES 2022 is Samsung Bot Handy. This robot helps out with household chores using manipulation technology. Samsung Bot Handy allows the robot to recognize objects in the home and pick them up.

John Deere Robot Tractor

Robot tractors may be heading to a farm near you, with this latest innovation from John Deere, ready to help farmers all around the world juggle through labor shortages, climate change and environmental protection, and more. 8R tractor uses artificial intelligence, plus six pairs of stereo cameras, to drive itself around.

Aby by Cosmos Robotics

Aby comes with many features like attending nurse calls and providing a nighttime sitter service to monitor for wandering as well as potential falls. It can also provide automated telehealth and teleconferencing, and it integrates with other providers and devices to provide even more features.

KEENON Delivery Robots

KEENON’s Delivery Robot Series is designed to transform the foodservice industry by helping staff serve food and pick up used dishes and cups. The robots are equipped with AI technologies such as SLAM automatic positioning and navigation technology. This technology enables them to easily navigate a busy work environment such as in a restaurant or hotel.


The ADIBOT-A, an autonomous UV-C Disinfection Robotics Solution. ADIBOT-A combines proven UV-C disinfecting technology with robotics hardware and Artificial Intelligence software to provide an efficient solution for creating clean and safe spaces.

Tando by Indoor Robotics

Indoor Robotics’ robot Tando is a fully autonomous indoor drone fleet and AI-based platform designed for monitoring, security, and safety in buildings, warehouses, data centers, and retail. Tando can easily integrate with existing security, operational, and building management systems and detect and predict irregularities and hazards. It can be operated and monitored from any location.

Massage Robotics

Today in this tech-driven world, you can find robots in every sector, whether it is the healthcare or food industry. But Massage Robotics is bringing robots to the spa with its massage robot. The robot looks like a massage table with an attached pair of robotic arms that are customizable with different “hand” options, providing an endless supply of massage tools and allowing for an unlimited number of massage types and therapies.

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