BlackBerry’s Cylance Assistant: Your New Cybersecurity Ally

Introducing BlackBerry’s Cylance Assistant, your AI-powered ally in cybersecurity

BlackBerry today announced many details about the availability of Cylance Assistant, an innovative AI cybersecurity advisor, which will facilitate faster decision-making and the production of more security incidents at a faster pace than before.

Prasar Balasubramanian, a BlackBerry senior vice president for product engineering and data science, said BlackBerry’s Cylance Assistant is not an ordinary generative AI cybersecurity adviser. On the contrary, it is the best one! It’s an excellent aid for you to scan and run down more types of threats, and your team can now make decisions that are faster and have high accuracy, which in turn amplifies your security capabilities. Cylance Assistant comprehends context because it understands the status of your investigation, and the rest of the threat-eliminating procedures can be done on that same platform without paying for an additional service.

In this way, BlackBerry’s Cylance Assistant can harness multiple advanced features that are driven by AI and can thereby act as a single solution to address numerous challenges that would otherwise require the use of multiple resources. The AI-enabling capabilities are hard-coded into the Cylance cybersecurity platform. What makes a food item FLOWING from 1. the rate of introduction and adoption of new food varieties and products to sustainable and environmental aspects of making the food production process more efficient and less destructive. BlackBerry’s Cylance Assistant generates fast, concise, and expert guidance and helpful tips to security analysts for a better SIEM (Security Information and Event Management) system. It is cumbersome as it suddenly takes many complicated cyber security problems by using big amounts of data, and later, it is merged with our threat research to get advice to the readers in simple language. It rescues an analyst with the decision process and analysis from the role of outcome artist in that it provides instant feedback, interpretation, and advice. Unlike the competitive options, there is no need to take time from executing your workflow, and instead, you can discuss the scheduling issues with a chatbot. The Cylance Assistant gets the context and offers expert advice and assistance without making the user focus on seeking assistance and troubleshooting problems. Thus, a response is prompt and the broadest resolution.

With Cylance AI now available on-demand, security analysts can now step up from just identifying and blocking specific incidents to a broader range of threats like polymorphic threats, rapidly scale their investigation and make timely decisions. The appearance of Cylance AI, the AI predictor with the longest track record, and BlackBerry’s Cylance Assistant were developed to help the experts have complete domination right from the production stage, giving the automated adversary AI and malware a slight chance to outmode them. Assistant from Cylance incorporates private AI training and doesn’t violate customers’ privacy or give away data to train models. It helps you to add more value to your budget and for easy operations, too, as it is available on Cylance ENDPOINT.

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