Wipro Shifts Focus to Lead Generative AI Consulting

Indian IT company, Wipro is feeling confident about its generative AI solutions. “We are on the brink of a major technological shift. Every client I talk to across industries is very eager to leverage AI to shape the future of their business, and at Wipro, we have been gearing up for this moment,” said Wipro’s new chief Srinivas Pallia during the Q4 2024 earnings call.

In the latest quarter, the company launched Wipro Enterprise Artificial Intelligence Ready platform in partnership with IBM, expanding on a substantial investment in AI. According to Pallia, this new service will enable clients to create an enterprise-level, fully integrated, and customised AI environment.

“A leading global apparel brand chose Wipro as its strategic partner to implement Gen AI solutions for driving their digital transformation,” said Pallia, adding that this involves implementing large language models to improve search recommendation engines and enable hyper-personalisation at scale, all done responsibly.

“We have trained more than 225,000 employees in AI 101,” said Saurabh Govil, Wipro’s CHRO. He added that the company is looking at advanced courses in different domain areas, depending on the kind of PoCs and projects, and deploying people accordingly.

“This continues to be a big priority for the company, making people ready for the future, so that will continue as a big focus area in the coming year,” he said.

Moreover, Wipro is investing to strengthen its capabilities across organizations and making bold moves in M&A, acquiring companies like Capco and Rizing, which have boosted consulting capabilities and simplified the company’s operating model, said Pallia.

“We focus on industry-specific offerings and business solutions led by consulting and infused with AI, and we’ll continue to build this,” he said, adding that it’s important to build AI talent and skills which are able to deliver industry-specific business solutions.

“AI will help us bring productivity from the technology part, but it also gives us an opportunity to impact the business and operations for our clients, and that’s another area we want to train our employees in. That’s why I said our skills have to be AI-ready but very specific to the business or industries that we want to address,” added Pallia.

Recently, Infosys revealed in its Q4FY24 quarterly reports that the IT giant is seeing excellent traction with its clients for generative AI work. However, this quarter, as well, it did not disclose the revenue from generative AI, much like Wipro.

Meanwhile, during its recent earnings, TCS revealed that it has an AI and generative AI pipeline worth $900 million, as CEO and MD K Krithivasan revealed during the Q4 2024 earnings call. This figure nearly matches the revenue achieved by rival Accenture, which totalled $1.1 billion in the first two quarters.

Last year, Wipro announced that it will invest $1 billion over the next three years. Wipro has partnered with the Indian Institute of Technology (IIT) Delhi to launch a Center of Excellence on Generative AI. This center aims to support foundational and applied research in generative AI and develop R&D projects that gauge the commercial potential of these technologies.

Wipro’s generative AI initiatives are part of a broader strategy to integrate AI into every tool and solution it offers, aiming to create a comprehensive AI-first innovation ecosystem known as Wipro ai360.

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