Shiprocket and Snowflake Partner to Boost Data Infrastructure and GenAI

Indian eCommerce logistics and shipping software solution provider Shiprocket and AI data cloud giant Snowflake have joined hands to improve data operations and provide faster access to data for over one lakh of its merchants in India. This collaboration is an effort to help businesses make quicker, data-driven decisions and scale data infrastructure.

The firm’s integration with Snowflake claims to reduce data processing time from days to minutes and merchants can gain real-time data insights, optimising operations and decision-making.

“This collaboration with Snowflake is a transformative milestone for our 1.5 lakhs-strong seller community, collectively driving an annualised GMV of over three billion dollars,” said Saahil Goel, managing director and chief executive officer of Shiprocket.

Moreover, the McKinsey-backed company plans to explore generative AI by developing chatbots that allow sellers to interact with their data using natural language to improve accessibility and user experience through Snowflake AI Data Cloud.

Recently, Snowflake introduced new features to Snowflake Cortex AI and Snowflake ML for expanding access to enterprise AI through a no-code interactive interface and providing access to leading LLMs. The new features are built on Meta’s Llama 3 and Mistral large models.

“As Shiprocket expands its operations, Snowflake’s AI Data Cloud provides a scalable, cost-effective, secure platform to support their diverse data needs to drive business value” said Vijayant Rai, MD India, Snowflake.

In a previous interaction with AIM, Rai said, “We’re looking at India in a multi-dimensional way,” Rai said, underscoring the company’s diverse operations. This includes a significant presence in Pune, where a team of 500 professionals handles operations and support. Additionally, Snowflake is leveraging India as a hub for global customers through its Global Capability Centers (GCCs).

It is addressing the need for skilled developers by providing extensive training and certification programs in rural India. This expands Tier-2 and Tier-3 locations, and small villages in India.

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