Meta’s Ray-Ban smart glasses can now record up to 3 times longer videos

Meta Ray-Ban Smart Glasses

Your Ray-Ban Meta Smart Glasses are no longer limited to brief one-minute video recordings. Rolling out to all owners of the $299 smart glasses, version 6.0 of the software will let you record a video for as long as three minutes, as first reported by Digital Trends.

Outfitted with a 12-megapixel ultra-wide camera and five microphones, the smart wearable Ray-Ban glasses provide a hands-free, voice-activated way to shoot videos in 1080p at a resolution of 1,440 x 1,920. With the one-minute cap, your options for recording extended scenes were limited. Now, you'll be able to capture more lengthy videos suitable for sharing on Facebook, Instagram, TikTok, and other social media platforms.

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There are a couple of hurdles if you do decide to record a lot of three-minute videos, according to Digital Trends. First, the default recording time is still set as one minute. If you want more time, you'll have to adjust it via the camera section in settings. Second, three-minute videos are going to chew up more of the battery, so you may have to pop your glasses in the charging cases more frequently.

There's more in the latest software version. As promised in May, Amazon Music has joined Apple Music and Spotify as one of the integrated streaming audio services that you can listen to on the Ray-Bans. To rev up some music, you can either tap and hold on the stem of the glasses or request a specific service through your voice, as in "Hey Meta, play Amazon Music."

When you need some rest and relaxation, you can now turn to the Calm app for guided meditation and mindfulness sessions. If you don't already subscribe to Calm, you can unlock a free three-month subscription to get started. To trigger Calm in hands-free mode, just say: "Hey Meta, play the daily Calm."

Meta's smart glasses will install version 6.0 automatically if you've enabled the auto-update option. Otherwise, you'll need to manually download and install the new version. To do that, go to the Meta View app on your glasses and tap the Settings icon. Tap "Your glasses" or select the device you want to manage and then tap "Your glasses." Tap Updates to grab the latest version.


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