HAF Launches INR 150 Cr Fund to Invest in AI Startups

HAF has announced the launch of its inaugural Venture Capital Fund, a Category 1 Alternative Investment Fund (AIF) with an investable corpus of INR 100 crore, along with an additional greenshoe option of INR 50 crore. This fund is strategically tailored to prioritise startups that emphasise scalability through technology and AI.

The fund aims to deploy up to INR 5 crore across 20 disruptive startups positioned to scale with technology and AI in Pre-Series A/Series A, with a strong commitment to follow-on investments to bolster future growth.

The fund encompasses successful entrepreneurs and business leaders in pharma, health sciences tech, education, sustainability, and other sectors.

Sri Myneni and Kishore Ganji, Managing Partners of HAF, express a mission that extends beyond funding, aiming to collectively address individual challenges and connect visionary ideas with strategic capital to innovate and grow globally.

They emphasised, “As serial entrepreneurs and angel investors, we are staunch believers in the transformative force of innovation. We are building HAF as a dynamic, collaboration-driven platform where founders not only secure financial backing but also tap into the collective wisdom of accomplished Limited Partners (LPs) who themselves are successful entrepreneurs.”

Leveraging Hyderabad Angels‘ decade-long investment acumen, the fund strategically taps into the mentorship of Hyderabad’s serial entrepreneurs and investors across diverse sectors, fostering an impactful catalyst for startup founders to drive innovation and achieve rapid scalability.

HAF draws on the established platforms and processes created by Hyderabad Angels.

BVR Mohan Reddy, Founder & Executive Chairman of Cyient, underscores the importance of an active engagement platform between LPs/investors and entrepreneurs, positioning HAF at the forefront of driving collaboration. He stated, “As an active investor in numerous venture funds and startups, I am of the belief that fostering an active engagement platform between LPs investors and entrepreneurs is pivotal for creating successful businesses.”

Mahankali Srinivas Rao (MSR), CEO of T-Hub, a well-accomplished business leader, and an advisor of the fund, acknowledges Hyderabad’s role as the nucleus of the world’s largest innovation hub, stating that HAF is ready to harness the potential inherent in the synergy of funds, direct engagement with industry leaders, and the vibrant startup ecosystem in Hyderabad.

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