DE&I in Tech 2024 – India

The advancement of diversity, integrity, and inclusion within the technology sector has emerged as a critical focal point in recent years, particularly concerning the participation of women. This report delves into the landscape of women in technology in India, shedding light on significant trends and developments. In recent years, the participation of women in the technology sector has seen a notable upsurge, marking a transformative shift in the industry’s demographics. As the technology landscape evolves, there’s a growing recognition of the indispensable role women play in driving innovation and progress within the sector. However, challenges such as gender disparity and underrepresentation persist, underscoring the imperative for concerted efforts to foster inclusivity and equality. AIM Research, in association with Chubb as a research partner for analyzing the data collected by AIM-Research, conducted a comprehensive report aiming to illuminate the landscape of women in the tech profession and Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion (DE&I) representation within the Indian technology sector. Through an extensive analysis spanning various sectors and segments, the report provides critical insights into the status quo of gender diversity and inclusion initiatives. A focal point of the report is the DE&I survey, which offers perspectives on the prevailing landscape of DE&I representation specifically within the Indian tech sector. Key findings reveal a nuanced understanding of the challenges and opportunities surrounding women’s participation and DE&I efforts within the industry. By shedding light on current trends and perceptions, the report serves as a valuable resource for stakeholders seeking to drive meaningful change and cultivate a more inclusive tech ecosystem.

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Key Highlights:

  • Most tech organizations in India view themselves as moderately diverse 51% or highly diverse 40%, but 9% perceive themselves as not diverse, indicating the ongoing need for improvement in diversity and inclusion efforts.
  • A significant portion of respondents 38% are uncertain about DE&I initiatives and policies within their organizations.
  • 40% of respondents note tailored leadership development programs for women in their organizations, reflecting proactive steps towards gender-inclusive leadership initiatives.
  • The BFSI sector stands out with a significant presence of dedicated DE&I teams, with 69%.
  • Most organizations have implemented initiatives for diversity and inclusion in tech, including tailored leadership programs for women 40%, women-focused networking events or conferences 26%, and mentorship programs pairing women with senior leaders 23%.

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