Apple Acquired 32 AI Startups by 2023

Apple AI

Apple surged ahead with an unprecedented acquisition spree in 2023, securing up to 32 AI companies throughout the year. This aggressive maneuver places the tech giant significantly ahead of its major rivals in the AI arena, including Google, Meta, and Microsoft.

Insights from Stocklytics, referencing a Statista report, highlight Apple’s commitment to fortifying its AI capabilities across a diverse product portfolio. The acquisitions signal Apple’s strategic positioning for forthcoming tech innovations, amidst substantial investments by competitors in established AI enterprises.

In the overall AI startup acquisition, Google trails Apple with 21, Meta with 18, and Microsoft lags with 17.

In recent years, Apple has completed notable acquisitions of AI startups such as Voysis, WaveOne, Emotient, and Laserlike. These acquisitions span various domains including voice assistant capabilities, video compression technology, expression recognition, app recommendations, and music AI.

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Apple’s emphasis on early-stage startups underscores a strategic effort to identify and invest in emerging AI trends ahead of competitors, positioning the company at the forefront of AI innovation. The innovations in the tech field are clearly highlighted by the Apple Vision Pro release this year.

While Apple’s plans for implementing these technologies into consumer products remain undisclosed, competitors like Samsung and Google have showcased advanced AI features in their smartphones, such as the Galaxy S24 Ultra.

Despite Apple’s secretive nature, analysts estimate a rapid pace of startup acquisitions, averaging 2-3 per week in recent years. This relentless pursuit underscores Apple’s ambition to lead the AI race in the coming years, even as competitors vie for dominance through acquisitions of established AI companies and technologies.

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