82% of Indians Expect Personal Gains from AI in the Next 5 Years

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According to a recent report by Google and IPSOS, Indians are more optimistic about the positive impact of AI than the global average. Approximately 82% of surveyed Indians believe they will personally benefit from AI within the next five years, surpassing the global average of 54%. They expect favorable outcomes in various sectors, such as health, jobs, and comprehension of complex subjects.

Indians express confidence in AI’s long-term impact, with majority of them expecting it to address diverse developmental aspects over the next 25 years. 20% prioritise economic development as a key government focus in AI, distinguishing them from counterparts in other countries. Indians also emphasize the importance of AI in health, security, climate, education, accessibility, and space exploration.

Regarding the impact of AI on employment, 80% of Indian respondents believe it will be beneficial for them individually, and 95% have discussed AI in their workplaces. Indians have a more positive outlook on ecosystem-wide job and industry changes driven by AI in the next five years compared to the global average.

Despite their optimism, Indians prioritise safety over innovation in AI development, with almost half identifying it as the top priority for integration into society. This contrasts with the global emphasis on innovation. The former express confidence in both tech companies and the government to ensure safe AI development, with 82% suggesting collaboration between the two entities.

The global report, titled “Our life with AI: The reality of today and the promise of tomorrow,” conducted by Ipsos on behalf of Google, gathered insights from approximately 17,000 adults across 17 countries.

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