5 Free Competitions for Aspiring Data Scientists

5 Free Competitions for Aspiring Data ScientistImage by Editor | Midjourney & Canva

Data science is like art, as many ways exist to solve problems. That’s why data science competition exists to acquire the best way to crack data science issues.

I have seen some aspiring data scientist careers launch because of data science competitions. These competitions showed that the participants could solve the problem and were creative. Moreover, competition also allows you to network and learn from your peers.

Data Science competitions are a fun way to increase our skills while giving us an edge over other aspirants. In this article, I will explain five free data science competitions you can join now.

Are you curious? Let’s get into it.

Kaggle Competitions

Kaggle is an online platform and community designed for data scientists. It offers many features, including public dataset sharing for analysis and data projects, free tutorial learning, and a competition platform.

The competition platform is one of the most popular places for data science competitions, as many real-world companies host competitions there. Moreover, there are many competitions for aspirants to join, no matter their experience level.

Some competitions are limited in time, but many are always available to join. All the competitions were free, and many even had money as prizes. However, the competition there could be fierce, as many talented professionals join the competition. Nevertheless, it’s a good place if you want to start your data science competition experience.

DataHack by Analytic Vidhya

The next free competition you can join is DataHack. It’s a data science competition platform hosted by Analytics Vidhya, an online platform and community for data science. It offers many articles, tutorials, job platforms, and competitions.

DataHack is a data science competition platform that allows participants to solve real-world problems and compete for prizes. You don’t need to have experience in data science to join the competition, which is free. Moreover, many competitions are open to the public without prizes, as they’re designed for learning.

Overall, the platform is excellent for those who want to experience how it feels to compete with others in the world while still being able to interact with the community. By seeing how others approach the competition, you could learn a lot.

AI Hackhatons by MachineHack

MachineHack is an online platform for data science and machine learning enthusiasts. It mainly offers competitions and hackathons to improve users' skills and gain experience. The leaderboard is public, making it a great platform to make a name for yourself via competition.

The AI Hackathon is the place where MachineHack offers competitions. You can join various competitions without the need to pay anything while competing for the top spot. Some could provide prize money while many could be used to practice your skills.

The competition attracts many talented individuals, so you can try competing with them to improve your data science abilities. At the same time, you can build a portfolio of projects, and connect with other professionals in the field.

AI Crowd

AI Crowd is intended as a research platform, but it was created by offering a data science competition to advance research. The platform's principles are open science and reproducible research that could lead to creative solutions for real-world problems.

Like the previous platform, this one offers many competitions with prize money. However, there are not many variations in the competitions, as many of them were intended for research purposes. Nevertheless, the competitions hosted on this platform are mostly advanced enough to serve as learning experiences for the competitors.


DrivenData is similar to the AI Crowd as it is a data science competition platform based on real-world problems. It offers users the chance to compete to solve problems that have a real impact.

Examples of competitions are predicting disease spread or managing water supply, which makes them great for learning and making a real change. The platform is a great way to improve your data science skills and build real-world experience. You can even win some money along the way.


Competitions are a great way to improve your data science skills while networking with your peers. If you are excellent at the competition, you could win some prizes along the way. In this article, we have discussed 5 free competitions for aspiring data scientists:

  1. Kaggle Competitions
  2. DataHack by Analytic Vidhya
  3. AI Hackhatons by MachineHack
  4. AI Crowd
  5. DrivenData

I hope it helps.

Cornellius Yudha Wijaya is a data science assistant manager and data writer. While working full-time at Allianz Indonesia, he loves to share Python and data tips via social media and writing media. Cornellius writes on a variety of AI and machine learning topics.

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